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Mushroom of the Saut aux Loups, 1km

Between Saumur and Chinon on the hillside along the Loire River you will find Le Saut aux Loups. Favoured from prehistoric times by men and wolves who found a home here…

In the Middle Ages around the 15th century there have been quarries for limestone in this hillside intensely utilized to build the monuments of the region be it castles or churches etc.
Miles of galleries were dug out by the quarrymen who also built the troglodyte houses as lodgings. These have been preserved in their original state and are used as our restaurant.
The speciality of the Saut aux Loups are their delicious galipettes – stuffed mushrooms of the champignon de Paris- filled with meat paste rillettes goats cheese or smoked salmon – crème fraiche - baked in an old bread oven

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